Frequently asked questions


Why do I need an advisor?

Your financial health is determined by the ability to realize your life goals. A THRIVE advisor ensures that your finances are in perfect shape by managing them efficiently. We continuously assess your financial position and advise changes to ensure you are on the best path to achieve your life goals.

Can I trust THRIVE?

We think exactly like you. Our advice is defined by the financial implications of your interests. We use this to build solutions that we would apply to ourselves. We do not collect commissions from anyone, but charge a fixed fee for our services.
Currently, we manage over INR 2,000 crore across global assets.


How does THRIVE work?

We start by understanding your goals and your current financial situation. We use this information to build a set of financial decisions – across investments, insurances, loans and taxes – that put you on the best path to achieve these goals. We execute these decisions through commission-free partners, like Zerodha. Post execution, we continuously track and monitor your path to suggest changes.

What is your fee structure?

For our DIGITAL service, we charge an annual fee of INR 20,000. It is payable either quarterly or annually and it is independent of the size of assets that we manage for you.
Our PRIVÉ service is open to families that have a net worth greater than INR 5 crore. Here, we charge an annual fee of 0.5% of the assets under management.

Do I get one-on-one advice?

Yes, THRIVE only provides personalized and one-on-one advice. Once you sign-up, you get access to our advisors throughout the year.

How can I reach you?

You can reach our advisors through a call or a Whatsapp message to +91 7272030303. Also, you can write to


Where do you invest?

We invest your savings across three asset classes – Equity, Fixed income, and Gold. We invest only across ETFs and mutual funds. Even for global exposure, we stick to global ETFs and mutual funds. We do not provide stock advice or stock portfolios.


Apart from this, we also provide advice on tax-efficient government schemes.

What is your investment philosophy?

We follow a passive approach to equity investing. We believe that, over the long-term, investing in low-cost index-based mutual funds or ETFs provides a significant advantage to actively-managed equity funds.


We view fixed income allocation as capital protection. We invest across funds that have very low default risk.


To determine the exact allocations, we use principles from global experts – such as Modern Portfolio Theory and the Black and Litterman model. These principles help us identify combinations (of asset classes) that deliver the best outcomes.

Who takes investment decisions?

Our investment committee manages all asset classes and portfolios. The THRIVE advisor chooses a combination of asset classes that satisfies your unique requirements.


Where are my savings held?

All investments are registered under your name and held in a Demat account with Zerodha, our brokerage partner. You can choose to redeem all your money anytime, at your discretion.

Is my data secure?

Yes. We take data security very seriously. Our servers use a combinations of Zero Trust and Perimeter-based security approach to protect your data. We do not share any data with third parties

Where can I track my investments?

You can track all your investments through the THRIVE mobile app.

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