Introducing THRIVE

A single point of contact for your financial life.

We are learning every day. We are better at our jobs, and we are better parents than what we were a few years ago. There were several experiences along the way that taught us, but it was our choice to be a better version of ourselves that pushed us forward.

At o3 Capital, we made a choice — to deliver the best financial advice to corporates and families. We started advising corporates and promoter families, more than a decade ago, to build capability and expertise.

Now, we want to deliver the same institutional-grade advice to everyone else, through technology.

Introducing THRIVE, where we help families plan, save, invest and optimise their finances.

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Our process combines your data — across income, expenses, liabilities and financial assets — with your future goals, to identify the appropriate financial decisions. These decisions primarily focus on your investments, driven by a simple approach of delivering your goals, at the lowest risk.

We use over 500 data points to accurately understand you and your requirements.

We overlay this data with estimates of market returns and volatility, to understand the right combination of asset classes for you. Here, we manage five portfolios (combinations of equity, fixed income and gold) based on principles of diversification and mean-variance optimisation. This exercise helps us define your net worth over your entire lifetime.

At Thrive, we go a step further. With your future net worth and income flows, we can identify answers to every financial decision.

Optimal cover for your term insurance

Right policy for health, with all terms and conditions necessary

Estimates of your retirement income

Optimal retirement age

When to prepay your loans

When to sell assets

We become your data-driven advisor — your financial navigators, who find the optimum route (financial decisions) to your destination (goals) at all points in time, and re-route (rebalance) when you stray off-course (market uncertainty).

All of this, so that you have only one decision to make — to choose THRIVE.